Hide ‘N’ Sheep

Ready to pull the wool over your opponent‘s eyes? Then this is your game. In Hide N‘ Sheep, it‘s up to you to find all of the sheep hiding in your neighbor‘s field. What‘s the catch, you ask? Your neighbor gets to keep the location of their wooly ones a secret, of course—there‘s no peeking while you‘re seeking.

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This child-friendly game is appropriate for players age 4 and up. Thanks to easy-to-hold game pieces and Hubelino’s trusty click-connector system, it’s also the perfect companion for kids on the go. Hide N‘ Sheep is a strategic board game designed for two players. Modeled after a familiar seek-and-find classic, this game gives children the chance to expand their logical capacity, improve their dexterity, and train their powers of observation and deduction.

With the puzzle and mind games from Hubelino you can out your knowledge to the test and prove your wits. By a way of sleek redesign and variable difficulty levels, we’ve breathed new life into a variety of classic games. The mind games are 100% compatible with common building blocks from other manufacturers and thanks to the tried-and-tested plug-in system and the stable base plate, nothing can shake or slip when you are solving tricky puzzles. Like all our products, the mind game ‘Hide ‘N’ Sheep’ is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards.


Hide ‘N’ Sheep is 100% compatible with popular building blocks from leading manufacturers and is exclusively made in Germany.
82 pieces (80 building blocks and 2 baseplates) + Instruction booklet
Recommended age
4 years and up
EAN Code
Lippert Studios, Berlin
18.2 cm
26.5 cm
4.7 cm
0.750 kg