Sudoku is known and loved all over the world. Now, even the little tinkerers and thinkers as young as five years old can solve numerous Sudoku puzzles at different difficulty levels with Hubelino’s color-based version of the classic puzzle game. By correctly arranging colorful Sudoku building blocks to find solutions, they develop their dexterity and improve their ability to think logically. Hubelino mind games combine two favorite activities of children: creative constructions with building blocks and exciting riddles and puzzles. The familiar plug-in system of the bricks provides the necessary stability and the feel of the high-quality printed bricks is ideal for the hands of little tinkerers and thinkers.

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The grid in our Color-Sudoku consists of 4×4 fields, in which there are four blocks consisting of 2×2 fields. The tasks are pre-set with the colored building blocks and solved with the printed, white building blocks. There are four colors in total: red, yellow, green and blue. The rules are very simple: every column, every row and every block must contain all four colors. Therefore, no column, row, or block may contain two or more building blocks with the same color.

Solving the sudoku puzzles playfully promotes children’s visual perception, short-term memory and logical thinking. The handy feel of the building blocks and the age-appropriate puzzles also improve eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Solving sudoku puzzles, whose level of difficulty is adapted to the age and abilities of the child, promote self-confidence and through the concentrated, persistent activity, frustration tolerance and focused work are strengthened. All sudoku pieces are compatible with popular building block systems from other manufacturers and are ideal for young tinkerers and thinkers due to the plug-in system and the handy size. The bricks are familiar to children and facilitate the placing and plugging of the pieces, in addition, the base plate provides the necessary stability and also serves as an ideal base when traveling or tidying up.

Like all Hubelino products, the puzzles are manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards and tested by independent institutes.

The mind game Color-Sudoku is 100% compatible with popular building blocks from leading manufacturers and is exclusively made in Germany.
33 pieces (32 building blocks and 1 baseplate) + Instruction booklet
Additional tasks and solutions
In addition to the 30 tasks and solutions in three different difficulty levels that are included in the high-quality instruction booklet, you can download additional tasks and solutions here.
Recommended age
5 years and up
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