Marble Run Starter Set

The Starter Set includes 214 modular components and is the ideal introduction to the Hubelino pi marble run system. Use the building box to create action-packed marble run constructions and learn how to tame the power of physics. The marble run starter set is compatible with common components from other manufacturers and can be infinitely expanded using other Hubelino pi sets – for never-ending construction fun.

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The starter set combines all the tricks of the Hubelino pi marble run system: complicated pathways, intricate tunnel systems, action-packed jumps, clever constructions as well as the ability to make the marble’s journey even more exciting with switches and crossings. With the numerous modular components, you can construct innumerable marble run variants by making small adjustments to change the course of the marble. By experimenting with the marble run you can turn a simple building block into a science set and learn how to use the basic concepts of physics.

The 214-piece construction kit is ideal for all Hubelino pi beginners and contains all the components you need to create a giant marble track construction: 92 run elements in various shapes and variations, 116 girder and pillar elements for a stable construction, two square base plates that can be plugged in on both sides and four steel marbles. The marble run starter set also includes an instruction booklet with a well-illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions.

All components of the Marble Run Starter Set are compatible with common components from other manufacturers and can therefore be creatively combined with your existing building blocks and theme worlds. Like all products from Hubelino, the Starter Set is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards. The construction kit promotes creativity, logical and spatial thinking as well as fine motor skills.

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The 214-piece Marble Run Starter Set is 100% compatible with popular building blocks from leading manufacturers and is exclusively made in Germany.
214 pieces (92 run elements, 116 construction elements, 2 baseplates and 4 marbles) + Instruction book
Recommended age
8 years and up
EAN Code
Lippert Studios, Berlin et al.
29.0 cm
45.0 cm
9.5 cm
1.286 kg