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Would you like to order a single instruction booklet for one of our marble run sets? No problem! Simply search for the item number of the set you would like to order the instruction booklet for in the drop-down menu. You can find the item number on the box, in the product description below, or you can search for the right item here.

Please note that we send the instruction booklets by mail in a padded envelope and can therefore not offer tracking – that is why we do not charge you our regular shipping fee, only the postage.

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In the drop-down menu you will find the right instruction booklet for each marble run building box and marble run expansion.

If you want to print out the instruction booklet yourself, you can find the digital versions of all assembly options here. In addition to the instruction booklets for the various sets, you will also find possible combinations of various building sets and expansions and even assembly suggestions for our run element sets in connection with building blocks from other manufacturers in the download area. A little tip: If you want to print out an instruction yourself at home, you can click on the small printer symbol – then you will receive a digital version of the instruction without background colors, which saves printer ink. Depending on the size and number of pages, the instruction booklets are made of thick paper or even cardboard and have wire stitching. Our instruction booklets, like our products, are produced and printed exclusively in Germany.

Building Boxes:
420169 Mini Building Box (45 pcs)
420480 Basic Building Box (123 pcs)
420572 Big Building Box (213 pcs)
420633 Mega Building Box (585 pcs)
420541 KIGA Marble Run Set Building Box (352 pcs)

420589 Twister Expansion (44 pcs)
420398 Catapult Expansion (41 pcs)
420411 Cradle Chute Expansion (46 pcs)
420503 See-Saw Expansion (45 pcs)
420497 Switch Expansion (43 pcs)

pi Marble Run:
440280 Marble Run Starter Set (214 pcs)
440600 Marble Run Set M (99 pcs)

You order a single instruction booklet:
The instruction booklet will be sent by mail in a padded envelope, so it is unfortunately not possible to track the shipment of this item. In this case, we only pass on the postage to you and do not charge the regular shipping fee.


You order an instruction booklet together with other items:
The instruction booklet will be shipped securely in a shipping carton with the other items and you will receive a tracking link with the shipping notification. In this case, you will also be charged the regular shipping fee if your order is below the minimum order value for free shipping.


You can find more information about the shipping fee and the minimum order value for free shipping here.