68-Piece Roofing Tile Set


68-Piece Roofing Tile Set

With the 68-Piece Roofing Tile Set set from Hubelino, even the little master builders can finally celebrate the topping-out ceremony and use red roof bricks to give their constructions a nice house. The set includes four different roofing tile shapes, including eight roof ridge stones. The roofing tiles are manufactured exclusively in Germany and are 100% compatible with popular building block systems from other manufacturers for children from 1.5 years of age.

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With the unique roofing tiles from Hubelino, a beautiful roof can finally be put on every house construction. The 68-Piece Roofing Tile Set includes all the important basic shapes to build a classic gable roof.

All parts and components of the 68-Piece Roofing Tile Set are compatible with common components from other manufacturers and can therefore be creatively combined with your existing building blocks and theme worlds. Like all products from Hubelino, the 68-Piece Roofing Tile Set is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards.

The 68-Piece Roofing Tile Set is 100% compatible with popular building blocks from leading manufacturers and is exclusively made in Germany.
68 pieces (48 2×4 roof bricks, 12 2×2 roof bricks, 4 2×4 ridge bricks and 4 2×2 ridge bricks)
Recommended age
1.5 years and up
EAN Code
21.0 cm
24.5 cm
9.5 cm
0.758 kg