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Hubelino GmbH presented the new ‘Hubelino Building Blocks’ product line at the 71st Nuremberg Toy Fair. The new products are compatible with common building block systems from other manufacturers and appeal to a target group from 1.5 years of age.

In addition to learning and mind games, the Hubelino GmbH product portfolio includes two compatible marble run systems. The two system sizes of common brick manufacturers are distinguished by the brand names ‘Hubelino’ and ‘Hubelino pi’ and thus address a target group between 1.5 and 12 years.

Jürgen Frädrich, Sales Manager DACH:
“With the roof and building blocks, we are responding to numerous inquiries from retailers but also from parents who are looking for high-quality construction blocks and do not need themed worlds or decorative elements.”

In addition to the regular bricks in various colors and sizes, the two roofing tile sets with red tiles are the highlight of the new “Hubelino Building Blocks” product line. The 68-Piece Roofing Tile Set contains four different tile shapes, including eight tiles to build the ridge of the roof. This allows the classic of all roof shapes – the gable roof – to be constructed. The 124-Piece Roofing Tile Set contains, in addition to the standards geometries, many different special tiles to recreate all possible roof shapes. In this way, castles, churches, courtyards or even your own parents’ house can be built.

Erik Amels, Product Manager: “Especially the compatible roofing tiles close a large gap in the market. Children recreate the things they know from everyday life, including houses, of course. So far there have been no roofing tiles for the well-known building blocks for children from 1.5 years of age to complete the house constructions.”

The new product line comprises six articles and is available now. Like all products from Hubelino GmbH, the new product line is manufactured exclusively in Germany under the highest quality Standards.


The 99-piece Marble Run Set M from the new product line and system size Hubelino pi has been awarded with the spiel gut seal by independent experts of the committee children’s play + toys e.V. after extensive testing and assessment on October, 17th 2019.

The spiel gut seal is awarded by the German committee children’s play + toys e.V. (Arbeitsausschuß Kinderspiel + Spielzeug e.V.). In the process, independent experts examine toys and games for children aged 0 to 14 according to practice-relevant criteria and principles. The seal is awarded to products that meet the criteria for the assessment and practice testing with children. According to the committee, good toys support the development of children by offering a variety of play opportunities, inspiring imagination and not disappointing expectations. In addition, good toys are environmentally friendly, safe and of high product quality according to the criteria.

Erik Amels, Product Manager:
“We are happy that our brand new Hubelino pi marble run system is not only popular with children, parents and retailers, but also received recognition from an independent expert jury of industry experts. This confirms our commitment to building this new product line.”

The new system size and product line Hubelino pi is compatible with common building blocks from other manufacturers and is aimed at children from the age of 8 years. The marble run system combines exciting physical principles with design fun and can be extended as required due to its compatibility.

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The German family business Hubelino GmbH presented a new system size and product line at the 70th Toy Fair Nuremberg under the name ‘Hubelino pi – Marble Run System’. The new products are compatible with the smaller version of popular building blocks from other manufacturers and appeal to a target group from 8 years old. In addition to a presentation of the new product line in the TrendGallery, the TrendGuide, numerous exhibition magazines and the new booth, ‘Hubelino pi’ was presented with a social media teaser campaign of the target group in parallel to the Toy Fair Nuremberg.

In addition to learning and mind games, the product portfolio of Hubelino GmbH includes, in particular, a compatible marble run with various building boxes, run elements and expansions for a target group of 4 to 8 years. This target group will be extended by the marble run system ‘Hubelino pi’ to children from the age of 8 years.

Jürgen Frädrich, Sales Director DACH:
“The strong growth of the product lines for children up to the age of 8 makes the trade and us optimistic. The expansion of the portfolio and the development of a new target group, together with nationwide listings in retail, contribute to the establishment of Hubelino as a strong brand.”

The concept of the marble run for children up to the age of 8 will be taken up and adapted to the expectations of the new target group.

Erik Amels, Product Manager:
“The new product line for children aged 8 and up is part of the construction toys sector. With the industrial design of the run elements and construction elements, we pick up important topics of the target group and provide the basis to connect the marble run with various theme worlds of other well-known plug-in component manufacturers”.

The new product line comprises six articles and will be available from April 2019. Like all Hubelino GmbH products, the new ‘Hubelino pi – Marble Run System’ product line is manufactured exclusively in Germany to the highest quality Standards.

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The German family business Hubelino GmbH cooperates with the US branch of the Habermaaß Group for exclusive distribution in USA and Canada.

At ASTRA’s Marketplace & Academy 2018 trade show in New Orleans, the management of both companies met. Together with representatives of the toy retail trade, they talked about the potential of Hubelino products in the North American market. Retailers’ positive response to Hubelino products and their distribution by HABA USA laid the foundations for the business relationship.

Stefan Amels, Managing Director of Hubelino GmbH:
“A very high level of expertise, experience and contacts in the North American toy industry as well as a knack for high-quality, educationally valuable toys from Germany are qualities that make HABA USA an optimal distribution partner for Hubelino.”

Lea Culliton, President of HABA USA also sees great potential in the cooperation:
”The educational play value of the Hubelino ball track system is a perfect fit for HABA USA’s classic, trusted, play patterns. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers yet another truly unique, wholly German designed and manufactured toy category.”

The long-standing, positive business relationship with the Habermaaß Group in Germany is now being continued and expanded in North America.

The product portfolio of Hubelino GmbH includes marble runs, educational games and mind games. All products are compatible with conventional plug-in components from other manufacturers and are developed and produced under the highest quality standards in Germany. In particular, the compatible marble run system is responsible for the growth and awareness of the Hubelino brand. Hubelino GmbH was founded in 2008 and has been expanding its product portfolio ever since.

HABA USA is the US subsidiary of the German Habermaaß Group and is exclusively responsible for the distribution of HABA products in the USA and Canada.

Employees from the marketing and export department of Hubelino GmbH are currently training the sales force in the USA and are working on marketing campaigns for the year 2019 in cooperation with HABA USA.

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